Argipol Powder



Argipol P is a blend of anionic polymers. It is partially hydrated polyacrylamid which serves a multiple purpose:

  1. It gives a remarkable fast and high viscosity build up in fresh and brackish water at very low concentration.
  2. It protects clays/shales from swelling.
  3. It prevents hole caving by the inhibition of silt containing clays.
  4. It holds loose sand together by forming a microfilm and therefore increases core recovery significantly when coring in loose sand or a weathered formations.
  5. Due to its very good flow characteristics and no gelling up effect, pump pressures can be reduced significantly in comparison with bentonit mud.
  6. It is very easily mixable and soluble in water.
  7. Argipol P is generally an excellent lubricant.


Argipol P is environmentally accepted and as it is water soluble the production zone cleans itself during production. The natural break down is 2-3 weeks however if necessary.

Argipol P can be broken down with oxidants like Calcium Hypochlorite or Peroxide.




Core recovery is very high because Argipol P has a glueing effect on loose particles, e.g. sand grains.


  • good flow characteristics reduce pump pressure considerably
  • good clay inhibition reduces the chance of getting stuck pipe caused by swelling clays
  • low gelling up effect ensures good cleaning of fine cuttings in mud tanks
  • due to the slippery appearance of Argipol P , mud torque build up is reduced
  • also very effective for HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), as an excellent lubricant, next to the mentioned above.




The recommended concentration is 0, 3 – 1, 0 kg/m3 generally for HDD.
In case of a special inhibitive muds up to 3 kg/m3.


Argipol P can be mixed into the mud only after bentonites swells up!!!



Argipol P is packed in 25 kg multilayer paper bags

Argipol P is packed in 10 kg multilayer paper bags.