Modilube 19NF


MODILUBE 19NF is a lubricant for water based drilling fluids.


MODILUBE 19NF disperses easlily in any mud system and is compatible with all the commen water based additives.


MODILUBE 19NF does not adversely increase rheological properties and usually causes a beneficial decrease in fluid loss.





MODILUBE 19NF is designed to reduce torque and drag in all kinds of water based drilling fluids. It effectively reduces the friction coefficient of the wall cake and lessens the possibility of differentially stuck pipe. MODILUBE 19NF lubricates both steel/steel and steel/rock interfaces




Appearance: amber liquid
Specific gravity (25°C): 0.92 – 0.96
pH 1% (IPA/H²O 25/75): 6 – 8

* Product specifications are available upon request.





MODILUBE 19NF is packed in 200 Litres non returnable iron drums.