Modicide 340



Modicide 340 is a liquid biocide used in a drilling fluid to protect polymers and pay zone fluids and formations against bacteria.

The majority of polymer components breakdown due to bacterial fermentation.

Sulphate-reducing bacteria are found in anaerobic environment where they convert sulphur to sulphuric acid which can adversely effect the whole pay zone due to H2S contamination. A drilling fluid contains bacteria from various sources such as dirty make up water, organic materials etc.


Modicide 340 is an effective bactericide which eliminates both the water-borne aerobic bacteria and anaerobic sulphate reducing bacteria, protecting polymers against breakdown and pay zones against H2S contamination.


Modicide340 contains an active agent the BNPD (bromo-nitropropane-diol).




At recommended application rate of 1 litre Modicide 340 per 1m3 of drilling mud “time to kill” sulphate reducing bacteria is 3 hours and for aerobic bacteria is 48 hours.




Initial doses is 1 litre/1m3 of mud or equivalent to 0,01% BNPD

Treatment dose depends on flow line temperature as follows:


– below 30°C: 0,25 l/m3 every 5 days
– temp. 30-40°C: 0,25 l/m3 every 4 days
– temp. 40-50°C: 0,25 l/m3 every 3 days
– temp. 50-60°C: 0,25 l/m3 every 2 days
– temp. 60-70°C: 0,50 l/m3 every 2 days
– above 70°C: 0,50 l/m3 everyday




Modicide 340 is packed in – 1000 litres containers
– 50 kg drums