Modisorb 200



MODISORB 200 is a special LC material based on cross-linked sodium polyacrylate.


It is a superabsorbent polymer insoluble in water, specially engineered for absorption and retention of fluids loosing into the formation. MODISORB 200 is very well swellable in fresh water.

The performance of the superabsorbent polymers is related to the amount of salt in the liquids to be absorbed.

It is very effective without any problems up to 0,2% NaCl test solution.




Physical Form: white granules
Particle Size: 0,15 – 0,85 mm
Bulk Density: 0,550 – 0,650 kg/l
Moisture Content: less 2%
pH (1% gel in 0,9% NaCl) 6,0 ±0,5
Storage: 3 years under dry conditions


MODISORB 200 is very well applicable when LC of a fresh water mud occurs.

It is very fast swellable (during a few minutes). It is therefore very important to mix it and inject immediately into the LC formation. MODISORB 200 is highly effective.

It can also be dropped into the bore-hole and fill in with water.



In concentration ± 7 kg/m3 of water, MODISORB 200 makes very high viscose suspension and absorbs all water, what makes a gelatinous solution. Such solution is not solid and it is easily possible to be washed out. Recommended concentration is therefore up to 5 kg/m3.



MODISORB 200 is environmentally harmless.




MODISORB 200 is packed in 20 kg paper bags.