Bentonite OCMA





OCMA Bentonite is a specially selected activated sodium bentonite. OCMA Bentonite complies with the OCMA specifications as laid down for oil drilling, is KIWA-ATA certified and is tested for Gemany by the “Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets”. OCMA Bentonite is an all-round drilling bentonite.
OCMA Bentonite has a low fluid loss, is easy to recycle and therefore has a outstanding price – quality ratio.




OCMA Bentonite has good stabilizing properties due to the better filtration control.
OCMA Bentonite is easy to recycle and can be reused several times. It therefore has an excellent return.




OCMA Bentonite is certified according KIWA-ATA and is tested and approved for water hygiene by the ”Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets” for Germany and therefore safe for use in drinking water areas




Parameter Test method Requirement Typical value
Grain size 95% min. through 96%
125 micron (μm) sieve
Moisture content DIN 18121-1 ≤ 13% (m/m) 11%
Specific density 2300 kg / m3 +/- 10%
Bulk density 900 kg / m3 +/- 10%



Chemical and Physical properties
Composition High quality activated
sodium bentonite
Colour Beige
Form Powder




The properties of OCMA Bentonite are being optimized when the make up water has the following properties;

  • Conductivity : < 1000 μS/cm
  • pH : 7.5 – 10
  • Total hardness : < 100 ppm

Add slowly and uniformly to a high circulation mixer. Circulate the slurry until the bentonite is fully dispersed. It is recommended to age the slurry for a minimum of 4 hours.


Typical values OCMA Bentonite in accordance with OCMA DFCP-4
Parameter Requirement Typical value
Yield ≥ 16,0 m³/ton 17,4 m³/ton
API Fluid Loss ≤ 15 ml (30 min) 13 ml
Grain size 98% min. through 99%
150 micron (μm) sieve


OCMA Bentonite in suspension of 65 kg/m3 has the following typical values (after 24 hours);

Typical values 6,5% OCMA Bentonite suspension
Parameter Test method Requirement Typical value
Slurry density Fann Mud Balance 1,035 g/ml
Viscosity Fann Marsh Funnel 32 – 60 sec. 48 sec.
Yield Point Fann Viscometer 18 lbs/100 ft2
Free water 0% after 24 hours 0%
Liquid limit Ball harp 3 ball – 10 N/m2
Fluid Loss Fann API Filter Press ≤ 15 ml (7,5 min) ≤ 10 ml


OCMA Bentonite is available in the following packaging;

  • 1000 kg packed in 25 kg bags on a pallet with shrink film
  • 1000 kg big bag
  • bulk