BDC INTERNATIONAL bv of Schiedam/Holland herewith has the pleasure to introduce their company.


BDC International BV was founded over 30 years ago by Mr. John E. Berkhuysen (M.Sc.).


With the know-how he developed when employed by Shell Overseas/Akzo, he has given the BDC staff the tools to put packages of products and systems together, to nominate products to specific applications, to produce so-called “ONE” bag product solutions for the HDD market etc.etc.

All the above guarantees that the BDC Group has a growing supply of products, equipment and services to the drilling industry in general.


In 1991 BDC Poland LTD was established with the intention to further expand and diversify into the Eastern European and Russian market.

For more information please visit our Polish website : www.bdc.com.pl